DOPBEATS "The Journey"

DOPBEATS "The Journey" chronicles the ups and downs, the pitfalls, and rewards of my struggle to make it in the music industry......and other cool shit along the way.

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YaboythetruthJohn McMillian, aka Yaboythetruth is ……

FranC aka Damion Francis, is an artist and Iraqi veteran, who was nominated for the Bronze Star for his heroism during hostilities in the early stages of the Iraqi war. A roadside explosion sent him flying through the air, injuring his back, but he never complained, because as he said, “he was one of the lucky ones”. When he is not on call, Franc spends his time writing lyrics and performing for his army buddies in the war zone. He does this to keep moral high and to sharpen his inborn lyrical skills. Franc’s teenage years was influenced by the incomparable Biggie Smalls. During his high school days he would frequently do lyrical battles with other aspiring rappers, right there in the schoolyard. Those were fun years for the rising star, he stood the test, and proved he was made of sterner stuff. Franc graduated from Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Manhattan. He then went on to finish his formal education at Queensborough College, where his love of music only intensified.Shortly after the bombing of the world trade center in New York in 2001, Jamaican born Franc took his mother’s advice and moved to Florida with her.  He was troubled by the incident in his adopted city, and decided to join the U.S. Army.  Franc the professional soldier, who received several commendations, including soldier of the month while deployed in Iraq, will always be an artist at heart, serving the country that opened many doors for him, his family, and many like him, but without a stage or a mike to express their thoughts.On a recent visit to Florida, Franc laid down a track that many professionals in the music industry sincerely believe will be a big hit. He also shot the accompanying music video before departing to finish up his tour of duty in the Middle East. Sergeant Franc will be back, only this time he will stay to entertain his growing army of fans, who appreciates him for what he is, a hero and an artist.


Skywalker /

John Skywalker is the product of sperm-donor-meets-ovary connected through love. These basic components of life came from Denise Monroe and John Eric Nicholson and God - his parents. His spiritual path (not religious path) is via Christ-like example. John Skywalker is a father of one, a brother to many, a logistician in the field, a poet, a living poem, an intelligent lyricist, an charismatic MC, an entertainer of many sorts, a friend to all, a son, a divorcee, a two-time African American OIF war veteran, a free thinker, and a dreamer who seeks to be a living example of love. John Skywalker’s purpose nor meaning has no associated monetary value. He is merely a spiritual/social entreprenuer who exists to create social impact throughout the world whether it be to inspire, educate, entertain, guide, empower, nourish, or stimulate. John Skywalker has traveled through many times, many places, and through many circumstances. His objective: spread love through creative means. His music is a reflection of divine grace. He dreams of earning an established spot on an Independent label’s team…with the freedom to exploit his imagination, originality, innovation, and the God-given and substance-filled messages to plant the seeds for tomorrows harvest. Follow him into a fruitful future and lets multiply in this unified universe.

Queen Lyrik Skilz

Constance Gordon, aka Queen Lyrik Skilz, is …….1st I’m SOUR ┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐ den I’m SWEET (^_~) @>— ON TWITTER: @thatdamnlyrik MY MUSIC ON FB: Lyrik SkiLz I AM LYRIK! I am a freestyle lyricist, marketing and promotions consultant … if you need it i got it, just holla @ tha Queen!Contact LYRIK @ 769-798-6740 or write: FOLLOW ME @thatdamnlyrik

7resh / Powell, aka 7resh, is ……

PTPurvie Thornton, aka PT, is ……

McFlyMichael Conners, aka McFly, is …….


TevaYeteva Harris, aka Teva, is …….


Satisphaction / Yates Jr., aka Satisphaction, is ……

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